Paper 2022/829

TERSE: Tiny Encryptions and Really Speedy Execution for Post-Quantum Private Stream Aggregation

Jonathan Takeshita, University of Notre Dame
Zachariah Carmichael, University of Notre Dame
Ryan Karl, Carnegie Mellon University
Taeho Jung, Carnegie Mellon University

The massive scale and performance demands of privacy-preserving data aggregation make integration of security and privacy difficult. Traditional tools in private computing are not well-suited to handle these challenges, especially for more limited client devices. Efficient primitives and protocols for secure and private data aggregation are a promising approach for private data analytics with resource-constrained devices. However, even such efficient primitives may be much slower than computation with plain data (i.e., without security/privacy guarantees). In this paper, we present TERSE, a new Private Stream Aggregation (PSA) protocol for quantum-secure time-series additive data aggregation. Due to its simplicity, low latency, and low communication overhead, TERSE is uniquely well-suited for real-world deployment. In our implementation, TERSE shows very low latency for both clients and servers, achieving encryption latency on a smartphone of 0.0003 ms and aggregation latency of 0.006 ms for 1000 users. TERSE also shows significant improvements in latency over other state-of-the-art quantum-secure PSA, achieving improvements of 1796x to 12406x for encryption at the client's end and 848x to 5433x for aggregation and decryption at the server's end.

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Published elsewhere. EAI Securecomm 2022
Private Stream Aggregation Lattice-based Cryptography
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jtakeshi @ nd edu
zcarmich @ nd edu
ryankarl915 @ gmail com
tjung @ nd edu
2022-06-27: approved
2022-06-23: received
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