Paper 2022/751

SCALES: MPC with Small Clients and Larger Ephemeral Servers

Anasuya Acharya, Bar-Ilan University
Carmit Hazay, Bar-Ilan University
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Georgia Institute of Technology
Manoj Prabhakaran, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

The recently proposed YOSO model is a groundbreaking approach to MPC, executable on a public blockchain, circumventing adaptive player corruption by hiding the corruption targets until they are worthless. Players are selected unpredictably from a large pool to perform MPC subtasks, in which each selected player sends a single message (and reveals their identity). While YOSO MPC has attractive asymptotic complexity, unfortunately, it is concretely prohibitively expensive due to the cost of its building blocks. We propose a modification to the YOSO model that preserves resilience to adaptive server corruption, but allows for much more efficient protocols. In SCALES (Small Clients And Larger Ephemeral Servers) only the servers facilitating the MPC computation are ephemeral (unpredictably selected and ``speak once''). Input providers (clients) publish problem instances and collect the output, but do not otherwise participate in computation. SCALES offers attractive features, and improves over YOSO protocols in outsourcing MPC to a large pool of servers under adaptive corruption. We build SCALES from rerandomizable garbling schemes, which is a contribution of independent interest, with additional applications.

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A major revision of an IACR publication in TCC 2022
SCALES Ephemeral Servers YOSO Rerandomizable Garbling Schemes Garbled Circuits Homomorphic Encryption iDRE
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kolesnikov @ gatech edu
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