Paper 2022/717

Cross Chain Atomic Swaps in the Absence of Time via Attribute Verifiable Timed Commitments

Yacov Manevich
Adi Akavia

A Hash Time Lock Contract (HTLC) is a protocol that is commonly used to exchange payments across different blockchains. Using HTLC as a building block for cross blockchain atomic swaps has its drawbacks: The notion of time is handled differently in each blockchain, be it private or public. Additionally, if the swap ends up aborted, the funds are locked in escrow until the safety timeout expires. In this work we formulate a new cryptographic primitive: Attribute Verifiable Timed Commitment which enables to prove that a timed commitment commits to a value which possesses certain attributes. Using our cryptographic primitive, we describe a new cross chain atomic swap protocol that operates without blockchain derived time and unlike the state of the art, all parties can instantly abort the swap without waiting for the safety timeouts to expire. In order to prove in zero knowledge that a secret committed to using a timed commitment has a claimed hash value, we employ the "MPC in the head" technique by Ishai et al. and implement our zero-knowledge proof protocol and evaluate its performance. As part of our techniques, we develop a novel and efficient procedure for integer Lower-Than validation in arithmetic circuits which may be of independent interest.

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