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Efficient, Actively Secure MPC with a Dishonest Majority: a Survey

Emmanuela Orsini

Abstract: The last ten years have seen a tremendous growth in the interest and practicality of secure multiparty computation (MPC) and its possible applications. Secure MPC is indeed a very hot research topic and recent advances in the eld have already been translated into commercial products world-wide. A major pillar in this advance has been in the case of active security with a dishonest majority, mainly due to the SPDZ-line of work protocols. This survey gives an overview of these protocols, with a focus of the original SPDZ paper (CRYPTO 2012) and its subsequent optimizations. It also covers some alternative approaches based on oblivious transfer, oblivious linear-function evaluation, and constant-round protocols.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols /

Original Publication (with minor differences): WAIFI 2020

Date: received 1 Apr 2022, last revised 6 Apr 2022

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