Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2022/391

An Improved Model on the Vague Sets-Based DPoS’s Voting Phase in Blockchain

Lin You and Zhuobiao Wang and Gengran Hu and Chengtang Cao

Abstract: As a common consensus mechanism used in blockchain systems, DPoS uses voting to select committee members who will generate the corresponding blocks. In order to elect committee members as fairly as possible, the vague sets are introduced into the voting phase of DPoS. In the vague sets based model proposed by Xu et al., the voting nodes can vote for, oppose or abstain from it. In this paper, we improve this vague set based model by introducing a new mapping from the vague set to fuzzy set and considering the case that each voting node is assigned a weight. In addition, several nice properties of our improved model are proved and it makes the voting phase of DPoS more fair.

Category / Keywords: Blockchain, DPoS, Voting, Vague Set, Consensus Mechanism

Date: received 25 Mar 2022

Contact author: mryoulin at gmail com

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