Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2022/390

An Efficient and Robust Multidimensional Data Aggregation Scheme for Smart Grid Based on Blockchain

Lin You and Xinhua Zhang and Gengran Hu and Longbo Han

Abstract: In order to analyze real-time power data without revealing user's privacy, privacy-preserving data aggregation has been extensively researched in smart grid. However, most of the existing schemes either have too much computation overhead and cannot achieve dynamic users, or require a trusted center. In this paper, we propose an efficient and robust multidimensional data aggregation scheme based on blockchain. In our scheme, a leader election algorithm in Raft protocol is used to select a mining node from all smart meters to aggregate data. A dynamically verifiable secret sharing homomorphism scheme is adopted to realize flexible dynamic user management. In addition, our scheme can not only resist internal and external attackers but also support multidimensional data aggregation and fault tolerance. Compared with other schemes, our scheme not only supports user fault tolerance, but also supports fault tolerance of the intermediate aggregation node. The security analysis shows that our proposed scheme is IND-CPA secure and can meet stronger security features. Our performance analyses show that compared with other schemes, our scheme can be implemented with lower computation cost and communication overhead.

Category / Keywords: applications / Privacy-preserving, Smart Grid, Blockchain, Secret Sharing Homomorphism

Date: received 25 Mar 2022

Contact author: mryoulin at gmail com

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