Paper 2022/222

Half-Aggregation of Schnorr Signatures with Tight Reductions

Yanbo Chen and Yunlei Zhao


An aggregate signature (AS) scheme allows an unspecified aggregator to compress many signatures into a short aggregation. AS schemes can save storage costs and accelerate verification. They are desirable for applications where many signatures need to be stored, transferred, or verified together, like blockchain systems, network routing, e-voting, and certificate chains. However, constructing AS schemes based on general groups, only requiring the hardness of the discrete logarithm problem, is quite tricky and has been a long-standing research question. Recently, Chalkias et al. (CT-RSA 2021) proposed a half-aggregate scheme for Schnorr signatures. We observe the scheme lacks a tight security proof and does not well support incremental aggregation, i.e., adding more signatures into a pre-existing aggregation. Chalkias et al. also presented an aggregate scheme for Schnorr signatures whose security can be tightly reduced to the security of Schnorr signatures in the random oracle model (ROM). However, the scheme is rather expensive and does not achieve half-aggregation. It is a fundamental question whether there exists half-aggregation of Schnorr signatures with tight reduction in the ROM, of both theoretical and practical interests. This work's contributions are threefold. We first give a tight security proof for the scheme in CT-RSA 2021 in the ROM and the algebraic group model (AGM). Second, we provide a new half-aggregate scheme for Schnorr signatures that perfectly supports incremental aggregation, whose security also tightly reduces to Schnorr's security in the AGM+ROM. Third, we present a Schnorr-based sequential aggregate signature (SAS) scheme that is tightly secure as Schnorr signature scheme in the ROM (without the AGM). Our work may pave the way for applying Schnorr aggregation in real-world cryptographic applications.

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Public-key cryptography
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Preprint. MINOR revision.
aggregate signaturessequential aggregate signaturesSchnorr signaturesalgebraic group model
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ybchen @ fudan edu cn
ylzhao @ fudan edu cn
2022-02-25: received
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