Paper 2022/1776

Offset-Based BBB-Secure Tweakable Block-ciphers with Updatable Caches

Arghya Bhattacharjee, Indian Statistical Institute
Ritam Bhaumik, French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation
Mridul Nandi, Indian Statistical Institute

A nonce-respecting tweakable blockcipher is the building-block for the OCB authenticated encryption mode. An XEX-based TBC is used to process each block in OCB. However, XEX can provide at most birthday bound privacy security, whereas in Asiacrypt 2017, beyond-birthday-bound (BBB) forging security of OCB3 was shown by Bhaumik and Nandi. In this paper we study how at a small cost we can construct a nonce-respecting BBB-secure tweakable blockcipher. We propose the OTBC-3 construction, which maintains a cache that can be easily updated when used in an OCB-like mode. We show how this can be used in a BBB-secure variant of OCB with some additional keys and a few extra blockcipher calls but roughly the same amortised rate.

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Secret-key cryptography
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Published elsewhere. Indocrypt 2022
OCBtweakable block-cipherauthenticated encryptionupdatable offsetsbeyond-birthday-bound security
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bhattacharjeearghya29 @ gmail com
ritam bhaumik @ epfl ch
mridul nandi @ gmail com
2022-12-31: approved
2022-12-29: received
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