Paper 2022/1660

Owner Identity Verification in the Internet of Connected Vehicles: Zero Trust Based Solution

Mashrukh Zayed, Islamic University of Technology (IUT)
Adnan Anwar, Deakin University
Ziaur Rahman, Charles Sturt University
Sk. Shezan Arefin, RMIT University
Rafiqul Islam, Charles Sturt University

On the Internet of Connected Vehicles, a vehicle has to communicate bi-directionally with several devices for establishing a shared network for inter-vehicle and intra-vehicle connectivity. These connection protocols are commonly structured to connect all the individual components with an implicit degree of trust, which is supposed to protect the whole system from unauthorized users. Technologies like Automotive Ethernet tend to increase security by reducing the implicit trust within the local network devices. However, the lack of individual security protocols in vehicle-to-vehicle communication still keeps the possession of vulnerability to hacks, external attacks, and further disruption. This is where Zero Trust Architecture can become a reliable technology for the exchange of information in between vehicles. Zero trust is a security system that means no one is trusted by default and verification is required from anyone or any device willing to get connected to the intra-vehicle network. In this paper, we have scoped the preliminary and most vital step of this system: verifying the owner identity of a vehicle with zero trust manner. Our approach involves recognizing vehicle license plates and utilizing the license information for retrieving the vehicle owner details to establish trust before allowing connection to the network. Our proposed methodology operates with 85\% to 99\% accuracy on the license recognition part within recognizable distances using PyTesseract OCR. Reliability to the zero trust solution is gained through necessary information retrieved using GET and POST requests to and from the corresponding driving license information databases.

Note: 9 Pages, 5 Figures, 3 tables, 21 References

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Connected vehicles Zero trust license verification owner identification YOLOv4 PyTesseract OCR GET/POST request
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adnan anwar @ deakin edu au
rziaur @ csu edu au
shezan ict @ gmail com
mislam @ csu edu au
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