Paper 2022/1528

Graph-Theoretic Algorithms for the Alternating Trilinear Form Equivalence Problem

Ward Beullens, IBM Research - Zurich

At Eurocrypt`22 Tang, Duong, Joux, Plantard, Qiao, and Susilo proposed a digital signature algorithm based on the hardness of the isomorphism problem of alternating trilinear forms. They propose three concrete parameters in dimensions $9$, $10$, and $11$ respectively. We give new heuristic algorithms that solve this problem more efficiently. With our new algorithms, the first parameter set can be broken in less than a day on a laptop. For the second parameter set, we show there is a $2^{-17}$ fraction of the public keys that can also be broken in less than a day. We do not break the third parameter set in practice, but we claim it falls short of the target security level of $128$ bits.

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