Paper 2022/1331

Additive-Homomorphic Functional Commitments and Applications to Homomorphic Signatures

Dario Catalano, University of Catania
Dario Fiore, IMDEA Software Institute
Ida Tucker, IMDEA Software Institute

Functional Commitments (FC) allow one to reveal functions of committed data in a succinct and verifiable way. In this paper we put forward the notion of additive-homomorphic FC and show two efficient, pairing-based, realizations of this primitive supporting multivariate polynomials of constant degree and monotone span programs, respectively. We also show applications of the new primitive in the contexts of homomorphic signatures: we show that additive-homomorphic FCs can be used to realize homomorphic signatures (supporting the same class of functionalities as the underlying FC) in a simple and elegant way. Using our new FCs as underlying building blocks, this leads to the (seemingly) first expressive realizations of multi-input homomorphic signatures not relying on lattices or multilinear maps.

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A major revision of an IACR publication in ASIACRYPT 2022
functional commitments vector commitments homomorphic signatures
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catalano @ dmi unict it
dario fiore @ imdea org
idatucker91 @ gmail com
2022-10-10: approved
2022-10-06: received
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