Paper 2022/1325

Efficient and Complete Formulas for Binary Curves

Thomas Pornin, NCC Group

Binary elliptic curves are elliptic curves defined over finite fields of characteristic 2. On software platforms that offer carryless multiplication opcodes (e.g. pclmul on x86), they have very good performance. However, they suffer from some drawbacks, in particular that non-supersingular binary curves have an even order, and that most known formulas for point operations have exceptional cases that are detrimental to safe implementation. In this paper, we show how to make a prime order group abstraction out of standard binary curves. We describe a new canonical compression scheme that yields a canonical and compact encoding. We also describe complete formulas for operations on the group. The formulas have no exceptional case, and are furthermore faster than previously known complete and incomplete formulas (general point addition in cost 8M+2S+2mb on all curves, 7M+2S+2mb on half of the curves). We also show how the same formulas can be applied to computations on the entire original curve, if full backward compatibility with standard curves is needed. Finally, we implemented our method over the standard NIST curves B-233 and K-233. Our strictly constant-time code achieves generic point multiplication by a scalar on curve K-233 in as little as 29600 clock cycles on an Intel x86 CPU (Coffee Lake core).

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Public-key cryptography
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binary elliptic curves complete formulas K-233
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thomas pornin @ nccgroup com
2022-10-05: approved
2022-10-05: received
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