Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2022/129

TOFU - Toggle Count Analysis made simple

Michael Gruber and Georg Sigl

Abstract: Protection against physical attacks is a major requirement for cryptographic implementations running on devices which are accessible to an attacker. Side-channel attacks are the most common types of physical attacks, the most frequent side-channel is the device's power consumption. In this work we propose a novel open-source tool called TOFU which synthesizes VCD simulation traces into power traces, with adjustable leakage models. Additionally, we propose a workflow which is only based on open-source tools. The functionality of TOFU and the proposed workflow was verified by a CPA of a AES hardware implementation. We also provide numbers for the required running time of TOFU for a trace synthesis with respect to the according VCD file size. Furthermore, we provide TOFU's source code.

Category / Keywords: applications / Toggle Count Analysis, AES, CPA

Date: received 4 Feb 2022, last revised 13 Feb 2022

Contact author: m gruber at tum de, sigl at tum de

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