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GMHL: Generalized Multi-Hop Locks for Privacy-Preserving Payment Channel Networks

Zilin Liu and Anjia Yang and Jian Weng and Tao Li and Huang Zeng and Xiaojian Liang

Abstract: Payment channel network (PCN), not only improving the transaction throughput of blockchain but also realizing cross-chain payment, is a very promising solution to blockchain scalability problem. Most existing PCN constructions focus on either atomicity or privacy properties. Moreover, they are built on specific scripting features of the underlying blockchain such as HTLC or are tailored to several signature algorithms like ECDSA and Schnorr. In this work, we devise a Generalized Multi-Hop Locks (GMHL) based on adaptor signature and randomizable puzzle, which supports both atomicity and privacy preserving(unlinkability). We instantiate GMHL with a concrete design that relies on a Guillou-Quisquater-based adaptor signature and a novel designed RSA-based randomizable puzzle. Furthermore, we present a generic PCN construction based on GMHL, and formally prove its security in the universal composability framework. This construction only requires the underlying blockchain to perform signature verification, and thus can be applied to various (non-/Turing-complete) blockchains. Finally, we simulate the proposed GMHL instance and compare with other protocols. The results show that our construction is efficient comparable to other constructions while remaining the good functionalities.

Category / Keywords: Generalized Multi-hop Locks, Payment Channel Network, Privacy Preserving, Blockchain

Date: received 30 Jan 2022

Contact author: zilinliu ariel at gmail com, anjiayang at gmail com, cryptjweng at gmail com, Xngzelt at gmail com, huagzeg at gmail com, im liangxj at gmail com

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