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Generic Construction of Public-key Authenticated Encryption with Keyword Search Revisited: Stronger Security and Efficient Construction

Keita Emura

Abstract: Public-key encryption with keyword search (PEKS) does not provide trapdoor privacy, i.e., keyword information is leaked through trapdoors. To prevent this information leakage, public key authenticated encryption with keyword search (PAEKS) has been proposed, where a sender's secret key is required for encryption, and a trapdoor is associated with not only a keyword but also the sender. Liu et al. (ASIACCS 2022) proposed a generic construction of PAEKS based on word-independent smooth projective hash functions (SPHFs) and PEKS. In this paper, we propose a new generic construction of PAEKS. The basic construction methodology is the same as that of the Liu et al. construction, where each keyword is converted into an extended keyword using SPHFs, and PEKS is used for extended keywords. Nevertheless, our construction is more efficient than Liu et al.'s in the sense that we only use one SPHF, but Liu et al. used two SPHFs. In addition, for consistency we considered a security model that is stronger than Liu et al.'s. Briefly, Liu et al. considered only keywords even though a trapdoor is associated with not only a keyword but also a sender. Thus, a trapdoor associated with a sender should not work against ciphertexts generated by the secret key of another sender, even if the same keyword is associated. Our consistency definition considers a multi-sender setting and captures this case. In addition, for indistinguishability against chosen keyword attack (IND-CKA) and indistinguishability against inside keyword guessing attack (IND-IKGA), we use a stronger security model defined by Qin et al. (ProvSec 2021), where an adversary is allowed to query challenge keywords to the encryption and trapdoor oracles. We also highlight several issues associated with the Liu et al. construction in terms of hash functions, e.g., their construction does not satisfy the consistency that they claimed to hold.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Public Key Authenticated Encryption with Keyword Search, Word-Independent Smooth Projective Hash Functions

Original Publication (with minor differences): ACM APKC 2022

Date: received 18 Jan 2022, last revised 24 Feb 2022

Contact author: k-emura at nict go jp

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