Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/846

Ergo Hackathon: Crowdfunded Smart Contract Pools Research and Conceptualization

Bronson Brooks Richard and Gary Waugh

Abstract: This is team SmartPools’ submission for the first Ergo Hackathon. It suggests that Ergo lacks the decentralization, and focus on regular people that it was designed for, and presents a potential solution for these problems in laying the framework for crowdfunded smart contract pools compatible with non-outsourceabilty. It should allow for pool formation with a greater level of decentralization than previously possible by including metrics for diminishing returns on over-contributing hash power to pools with data gathered from Ergo Oracles. This work is informal and preliminary. Further research is required to formalize this work and attempt to provide functional proof for its arguments; readers are highly encouraged to read the included references, and their references, for greater clarity.

Category / Keywords: applications / smart contracts, eUTXO, decentralization, oracles, sidechains, mining, pools, PoW

Date: received 21 Jun 2021

Contact author: wilfordgrimley at protonmail com, gary16jan at gmail com

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