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Pravuil: Global Consensus for a United World

David Cerezo Sánchez

Abstract: Pravuil is a robust, secure, and scalable consensus protocol for a permissionless blockchain suitable for deployment in an adversarial environment such as the Internet. Pravuil circumvents previous shortcomings of other blockchains:

- Bitcoin’s limited adoption problem: as transaction demand grows, payment confirmation times grow much lower than other PoW blockchains

- higher transaction security at a lower cost

- more decentralisation than other permissionless blockchains

- impossibility of full decentralisation and the blockchain scalability trilemma: decentralisation, scalability, and security can be achieved simultaneously

- Sybil-resistance for free implementing the social optimum

- Pravuil goes beyond the economic limits of Bitcoin or other PoW/PoS blockchains, leading to a more valuable and stable crypto-currency

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / consensus, permissionless, permissioned, scalability, zero knowledge, mutual attestation, zk-PoI

Date: received 21 May 2021

Contact author: david at calctopia com

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