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Hiding Data in Plain Sight: Towards Provably Unbreakable Encryption with Short Secret Keys and One-Way Functions

Mircea Digulescu

Abstract: It has long been known that cryptographic schemes offering provably unbreakable security exist - namely the One Time Pad (OTP). The OTP, however, comes at the cost of a very long secret key - as long as the plain-text itself. In this paper we propose an encryption scheme which we (boldly) claim offers the same level of security as the OTP, while allowing for much shorter keys, of size polylogarithmic in the computing power available to the adversary. The Scheme requires a large sequence of truly random words, of length polynomial in the both plain-text size and the logarithm of the computing power the adversary has. We claim that it ensures such an attacker cannot discern the cipher output from random data, except with small probability. We also show how it can be adapted to allow for several plain-texts to be encrypted in the same cipher output, with almost independent keys. Also, we describe how it can be used in lieu of a One Way Function.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Encryption, Provable Security, Chaos Machine, Truly Random, One Time Pad, One Way Function

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Date: received 17 Apr 2021

Contact author: mircea digulescu at mail ru

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