Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/414

Cryptanalysis of an Anonymous Identity-based Identification Scheme in Ad-Hoc Group without Pairings

Sook Yan Hue and Jason Chia and Ji-Jian Chin

Abstract: Anonymous identity-based identification scheme in the ad-hoc group is a multi-party cryptographic primitive that allows participants to form an ad-hoc group and prove membership anonymously in such a group. In this paper, we cryptanalyze an ad-hoc anonymous identity-based identification scheme proposed by Barapatre and Rangan and show that the scheme is not secure against key-only universal impersonation attack. We note that anyone can impersonate as a valid group member to convince the honest verifier successfully, even without knowing the group secret key. Moreover, we proposed a fix on the scheme and provide a security proof for our fixed scheme. The fixed scheme we proposed fulfills the security requirements of an ad-hoc anonymous identity-based identification scheme that are correctness, soundness, and anonymity.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / anonymity, cryptanalysis, identification protocols

Date: received 29 Mar 2021, last revised 5 Apr 2021

Contact author: chia_jason96 at live com, sook yan hsy at gmail com, jjchin at mmu edu my

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