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RAGHAV: A new low power S-P network encryption design for resource constrained environment


Abstract: This paper proposes a new ultra lightweight cipher RAGHAV. RAGHAV is a Substitution-Permutation (SP) network, which operates on 64 bit plaintext and supports a 128/80 bit key scheduling. It needs only 994.25 GEs by using 0.13┬Ám ASIC technology for a 128 bit key scheduling. It also needs less memory i.e. 2204 bytes of FLASH memory , which is less as compared to all existing S-P network lightweight ciphers. This paper presents a complete security analysis of RAGHAV, which includes basic attacks like linear cryptanalysis and differential cryptanalysis. This paper also covers advanced attack like zero correlation attack, Biclique attack, Algebraic attack, Avalanche effect, key collision attack and key schedule attack. In this cipher,use of block permutation helps the design to improve the throughput. RAGHAV cipher uses 8 bit permutations with S-Box which results in better diffusion mechanism. RAGHAV consumes very less power around 24mW which is less as compared to all existing lightweight ciphers. RAGHAV cipher scores on all design metrics and is best suited for applications like IoT.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Lightweight cipher, SP Network, Block cipher, Encryption standards, Embedded security, Ubiquitous computing, IoT (Internet of Things).

Date: received 18 Mar 2021

Contact author: gaurav249 at gmail com

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