Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/356

Active Implementation of End-to-End Post-Quantum Encryption

Anton Tutoveanu

Abstract: Constant advancements in quantum computing bring closer the reality of current public key encryption schemes becoming computationally feasible to be broken. Many developers working in the industry are just finding out about this and will be rapid to look into changing their web applications to be secure in the quantum era. This paper documents a tried and tested construction for a quantum-resistant, end-to-end encryption scheme which has been implemented in a real-life online web application. The implementation is shown to work well without significant impact on the performance time in comparison to its pre-quantum counterpart.

Category / Keywords: implementation / crystals kyber

Date: received 17 Mar 2021, last revised 20 Apr 2021

Contact author: amt597 at uowmail edu au

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