Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/164

Graph-Based Construction for Non-Malleable Codes

Shohei Satake and Yujie Gu and Kouichi Sakurai

Abstract: Non-malleable codes protect communications against adversarial tampering of data, which can be seen as a relaxation of error-correcting codes and error-detecting codes. Recently, Rasmussen and Sahai (ITC2020) explicitly constructed non-malleable codes in the split-state model using expander graphs. In this paper we extend their construction by means of bipartite expander graphs. The resulted codes can have flexible parameters and reduce the encoding space cost in comparison with the explicit codes by Rasmussen and Sahai.

Category / Keywords: foundations / information theory and graph theory and non-malleable codes

Date: received 14 Feb 2021, last revised 19 Feb 2021

Contact author: shohei-satake at kumamoto-u ac jp

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