Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1625

A note on the QFT randomness spectral test a new approach of DST

Emil SIMION and Elena-Corina CIPU and Vasile-Laurențiu DOSAN and Andrei-Voicu TOMUȚ and Eugen Neacsu

Abstract: Quantum computers provide a new way of solving problems even in cryptography in which digital signature make an important role. In this paper, we describe a comparison between the spectral test in classical mode and quantum mode through Fourier Transform. A comparison of the results in the two cases was made. Applications of the proposed techniques are from the field of statistical testing of the pseudorandom bit generators used for cryptographic applications. The proposed statistical test is an extension of the Discrete Fourier Transform statistical test proposed in NIST SP 800-22.

Category / Keywords: applications / statistical testing pseudorandom generators, quantum computers

Date: received 13 Dec 2021, last revised 2 Jan 2022

Contact author: emil simion at upb ro

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