Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1473

Computational self-testing for entangled magic states

Akihiro Mizutani and Yuki Takeuchi and Ryo Hiromasa and Yusuke Aikawa and Seiichiro Tani

Abstract: In the seminal paper [Metger and Vidick, Quantum ’21], they proposed a computational self-testing protocol for Bell states in a single quantum device. Their protocol relies on the fact that the target states are stabilizer states, and hence it is highly non-trivial to reveal whether the other class of quantum states, non-stabilizer states, can be self-tested within their framework. Among non-stabilizer states, magic states are indispensable resources for universal quantum computation. In this letter, we show that a magic state for the CCZ gate can be self-tested while that for the T gate cannot. Our result is applicable to a proof of quantumness, where we can classically verify whether a quantum device generates a quantum state having non zero magic.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / quantum cryptography, self-testing

Date: received 4 Nov 2021

Contact author: Mizutani Akihiro at dy MitsubishiElectric co jp, yuki takeuchi yt at hco ntt co jp, Hiromasa Ryo at aj MitsubishiElectric co jp, Aikawa Yusuke at bc MitsubishiElectric co jp, seiichiro tani cs at hco ntt co jp

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