Paper 2021/1444

Streamlined NTRU Prime on FPGA

Bo-Yuan Peng, National Taiwan University, Academia Sinica
Adrian Marotzke, Hamburg University of Technology, NXP (Germany)
Ming-Han Tsai, National Taiwan University
Bo-Yin Yang, Academia Sinica
Ho-Lin Chen, National Taiwan University

We present a novel full hardware implementation of Streamlined NTRU Prime, with two variants: A high-speed, high-area implementation, and a slower, low-area implementation. We introduce several new techniques that improve performance, including a batch inversion for key generation, a high-speed schoolbook polynomial multiplier, an NTT polynomial multiplier combined with a CRT map, a new DSP-free modular reduction method, a high-speed radix sorting module, and new en- and decoders. With the high-speed design, we achieve the to-date fastest speeds for Streamlined NTRU Prime, with speeds of 5007, 10989 and 64026 cycles for encapsulation, decapsulation, and key generation respectively, while running at 285 MHz on a Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+. The entire design uses 40060 LUT, 26384 flip-flops, 36.5 Bram and 31 DSP.

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Published elsewhere. Journal of Cryptographic Engineering
NTRU Prime Hardware Implementation Lattice Cryptography Post-Quantum Cryptography FPGA
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bypeng @ crypto tw
adrian marotzke @ tuhh de
r08943151 @ ntu edu tw
by @ crypto tw
holinchen @ ntu edu tw
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