Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1432

Wavelet: Code-based postquantum signatures with fast verification on microcontrollers

Gustavo Banegas and Thomas Debris-Alazard and Milena Nedeljković and Benjamin Smith

Abstract: This work presents the first full implementation of Wave, a postquantum code-based signature scheme. We define Wavelet, a concrete Wave scheme at the 128-bit classical security level (or NIST postquantum security Level 1) equipped with a fast verification algorithm targeting embedded devices. Wavelet offers 930-byte signatures, with a public key of 3161 kB. We include implementation details using AVX instructions, and on ARM Cortex-M4, including a solution to deal with Wavelet’s large public keys, which do not fit in the SRAM of a typical embedded device. Our verification algorithm is ≈ 4.65× faster then the original, and verifies in 1 087 538 cycles using AVX instructions, or 13 172 ticks in an ARM Cortex-M4.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Post-quantum Cryptography, Code-based Signature, Fast Verification, Implementation, Embedded devices

Date: received 25 Oct 2021

Contact author: gustavo at cryptme in, thomas debris at inria fr, milena nedeljkovic at polytechnique edu, smith at lix polytechnique fr

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