Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1368

Group Signatures and Accountable Ring Signatures from Isogeny-based Assumptions

Kai-Min Chung and Yao-Ching Hsieh and Mi-Ying Huang and Yu-Hsuan Huang and Tanja Lange and Bo-Yin Yang

Abstract: Group signatures are an important cryptographic primitive providing both anonymity and accountability to signatures. Accountable ring signatures combine features from both ring signatures and group signatures, and can be directly transformed to group signatures. While there exists extensive work on constructing group signatures from various post-quantum assumptions, there has not been any using isogeny-based assumptions. In this work, we propose the first construction of isogeny-based group signatures, which is a direct result of our isogeny-based accountable ring signature. This is also the first construction of accountable ring signatures based on post-quantum assumptions. Our schemes are based on the decisional CSIDH assumption (D-CSIDH) and are proven secure under the random oracle model (ROM).

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / isogeny, group signatures

Date: received 10 Oct 2021

Contact author: kmchung at iis sinica edu tw, ychsieh at ntu edu tw, miying huang at usc edu, asd00012334 cs04 at nctu edu tw, tanja at hyperelliptic org, byyang at iis sinica edu tw

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