Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1293

A Practical Verifiable Delay Function and Delay Encryption Scheme

Angelique Faye Loe and Liam Medley and Christian O’Connell and Elizabeth A. Quaglia

Abstract: We present a novel construction for a Verifiable Delay Function (VDF), in which the prover is challenged to produce the factorisation of a special class of RSA modulus. Our approach produces a VDF with a very efficient verification procedure.

The properties of our VDF allow us to establish the design of the first practical Delay Encryption scheme, a primitive introduced at EUROCRYPT 2021. We provide a formal security analysis of our results, as well as an implementation study detailing the practical performance of our VDF.

Category / Keywords: foundations / verifiable delay function, proof of work, delay encryption

Date: received 26 Sep 2021

Contact author: angelique loe 2016 at rhul ac uk, liam medley 2018 at rhul ac uk, elizabeth quaglia at rhul ac uk, co362 at cantab ac uk

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