Paper 2021/1142

The Elliptic Net Algorithm Revisited

Shiping Cai, Zhi Hu, Zheng-An Yao, and Chang-An Zhao


Pairings have been widely used since their introduction to cryptography. They can be applied to identity-based encryption, tripartite Diffie-Hellman key agreement, blockchain and other cryptographic schemes. The Acceleration of pairing computations is crucial for these cryptographic schemes or protocols. In this paper, we will focus on the Elliptic Net algorithm which can compute pairings in polynomial time, but it requires more storage than Miller’s algorithm. We use several methods to speed up the Elliptic Net algorithm. Firstly, we eliminate the inverse operation in the improved Elliptic Net algorithm. In some ircumstance, this finding can achieve further improvements. Secondly, we apply lazy reduction technique to the Elliptic Net algorithm, which helps us achieve a faster implementation. Finally, we propose a new derivation of the formulas for the computation of the Optimal Ate pairing on the twisted curve. Results show that the Elliptic Net algorithm can be significantly accelerated especially on the twisted curve. The algorithm can be 80% faster than the previous ones on the twisted 381-bit BLS12 curve and 71:5% faster on the twisted 676-bit KSS18 curve respectively.

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