Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1102

Construction and Implementation of Practical Reusable and Robust Fuzzy Extractors for Fingerprint

Lin You and Wang Cheng and Gengran Hu

Abstract: Among the various authentication methods, biometrics provide good user friendliness. However, the non-renewability of biometrics leads to the problem that it might be stolen. The emergence of fuzzy extractors is a promising solution to this problem. The fuzzy extractors can extract uniformly distributed keys from various noise random sources (such as biometrics, physical unclonable functions and quantum bits). However, the research on fuzzy extractors mainly focuses on the theoretical level, and does not consider how the extracted biometrics should be coded and implementated. This paper first introduces a method of feature selection and encoding for fingerprints, together with a secure sketch based on Chebyshev distance in a rectangular coordinate system. Then we present the construction approach of reusable and robust fuzzy extractors( rrFE). Meanwhile, we prove that our secure sketch scheme has sufficient security. Finally, we also present the complete experimental process and a demo program, and test the performance of our proposed fuzzy extractors. Compared with other schemes, our scheme has lower storage overhead.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Biometrics, Bio-cryptography, fingerprint, Secure Sketch, Fuzzy Extractors

Date: received 26 Aug 2021, withdrawn 12 Sep 2021

Contact author: mryoulin at gmail com

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