Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1094

Resilient Uniformity: Applying Resiliency in Masking

Siemen Dhooghe and Svetla Nikova

Abstract: Threshold Implementations are known countermeasures defending against side-channel attacks via the use of masking techniques. While sufficient properties are known to defend against first-order side-channel attacks, it is not known how to achieve higher-order security. This work generalizes the Threshold Implementation notion of uniformity and proves it achieves second-order protection. The notion is applied to create a second-order masking of the PRESENT cipher with a low randomness cost.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Hardware, Masking, Probing Security, Side-Channel Analysis

Original Publication (in the same form): Cryptography and Communications

Date: received 25 Aug 2021, last revised 1 Sep 2021

Contact author: siemen dhooghe at esat kuleuven be

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