Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1075

The security of the code-based signature scheme based on the Stern identification protocol

Victoria Vysotskaya and Ivan Chizhov

Abstract: The paper provides a complete description of the digital signature scheme based on the Stern identification protocol. We also present the proof of the existential unforgeability of the scheme under the chosen message attack (EUF-CMA) in the random oracle model (ROM) under assumptions of hardness of syndrome decoding and hash function collision finding problems. Finally, we discuss the choice of the signature parameters and introduce a parameter set providing 80-bit security.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / post-quantum cryptography, code-based cryptography, digital signature, Stern’s scheme, Fiat-Shamir transform, provable security, EUF-CMA security.

Date: received 20 Aug 2021, last revised 30 Aug 2021

Contact author: vysotskaya victory at gmail com

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