Paper 2021/105

A New Efficient Identity-Based Encryption Without Pairing

Majid Salimi


So far, most of the Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) schemes have been realized by employing bilinear pairings, lattices, trapdoor discrete logarithm, or based on the quadratic residue problem. Among the IBE schemes, only pairing-based methods seem to be practical. Previously published non-pairing-based schemes are generally inefficient in encryption, decryption, key generation, ciphertext size or key size. In this paper, we propose an IBE scheme based on a hybrid of Diffie-Hellman and RSA-like hardness assumption. The computational cost of the proposed scheme is lower than the previous schemes and the ciphertext size for an $l$-bit plaintext is only $2l$ bits. The proposed scheme is similar to the well-known ElGamal encryption algorithm; therefore it might be used in applications such as oblivious computation.

Note: Submitted to Computer Standard & Interface

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Public-key cryptography
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Preprint. MINOR revision.
Identity-based encryptionDiscrete logarithm problemTrapdoor Decisional Diffie Hellman problem.
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