Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/1005

On the Construction and Cryptanalysis of Multi-Ciphers

Arush Chhatrapati

Abstract: In this compilational work, we combine various techniques from classical cryptography and steganography to construct ciphers that conceal multiple plaintexts in a single ciphertext. We name these "multi-ciphers". Most notably, we construct and cryptanalyze a Four-In-One-Cipher: the first cipher which conceals four separate plaintexts in a single ciphertext. Following a brief overview of classical cryptography and steganography, we consider strategies that can be used to creatively combine these two fields to construct multi-ciphers. Finally, we cryptanalyze three multi-ciphers which were constructed using the techniques described in this paper. This cryptanalysis relies on both traditional algorithms that are used to decode classical ciphers and new algorithms which we use to extract the additional plaintexts concealed by the multi-ciphers. We implement these algorithms in Python, and provide code snippets. The primary goal of this work is to inform others who might be otherwise unfamiliar with the fields of classical cryptography and steganography from a new perspective which lies at the intersection of these two fields. The ideas presented in this paper could prove useful in teaching cryptography, statistics, mathematics, and computer science to future generations in a unique, interdisciplinary fashion. This work might also serve as a source of creative inspiration for other cipher-making, code-breaking enthusiasts.

Category / Keywords: education, codes, ciphers, cryptology, multi-ciphers, cryptanalysis, classical cryptography, steganography, Python, implementation

Date: received 28 Jul 2021

Contact author: arush chhatrapati at gmail com

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