Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2021/081

Private Stream Aggregation from Labeled Secret Sharing Schemes

Hendrik Waldner and Tilen Marc and Miha Stopar and Michel Abdalla

Abstract: The concept of private stream aggregation (PSA) has been proposed by Shi et al. (NDSS 2011) to allow for data analysis in a privacy-preserving manner. In this work, we introduce the notion of labeled secret sharing (LaSS) schemes and show how to use it to construct PSA schemes. We also show how to realize LaSS using pseudorandom functions or alternatively with a hash function modeled as a random oracle and how it can be used to construct PSA schemes. Additionally, we revisit the security model of Becker et al. (NDSS 2018) and describe stronger security notions for PSA. We then present additional constructions achieving the stronger security notions by relying on recent results on multi-client functional encryption. For all of our constructions, we present implementations to show their practicality and the performance gains over existing solutions.

Category / Keywords: foundations / private stream aggregation, labeled secret sharing schemes, functional encryption

Date: received 22 Jan 2021

Contact author: hendrik waldner at ed ac uk,tilen marc@xlab si,miha stopar@xlab si,michel abdalla@ens fr

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