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Paper 2021/002

Can Lattice Signature be as Efficient as Lattice Encryption?

Dingfeng Ye


Existing lattice signature schemes are much less efficient than encryption schemes due to the rejection sampling paradigm. We give a construction of comparable efficiency with lattice encryption that avoids sampling using structured secrets together with temporary keys. Structured secrets (and randoms) also improve existing lattice encryption schemes to nearly the same extreme efficiency. Our signature scheme allows the same parameters of any encryption schemes (a variation of the basic form is needed when the modulus is as small as 1-byte) and has comparable efficiency with our extreme encryption efficiency. For lightweight implementation, our techniques allow integrating of public-key encryption and signature in a simple circuit which only needs to do small integer additions as the main part of the computation.

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Public-key cryptography
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Preprint. MINOR revision.
Lattice SignatureLattice Encryption
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xujun @ iie ac cn
2021-01-02: received
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