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120.147 Efficient Electromagnetic Side Channel Analysis by Probe Positioning using Multi-Layer Perceptron

Anupam Golder and Baogeng Ma and Debayan Das and Josef Danial and Shreyas Sen and Arijit Raychowdhury

Abstract: In this work, we investigate a practical consideration for Electromagnetic (EM) side-channel analysis, namely, positioning EM probe at the best location for an efficient attack, requiring fewer traces to reveal the secret key of cryptographic engines. We present Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) based probe positioning and EM analysis method, defining it as a classification problem by dividing the chip surface scanned by the EM probe into virtual grids, and identifying each grid location by a class label. The MLP, trained to identify the location given a single EM trace, achieves $99.55\%$ accuracy on average for traces captured during different acquisition campaigns.

Category / Keywords: applications / EM Probe Positioning, Side-Channel Analysis, Multi-Layer Perceptron, Correlation Analysis

Original Publication (in the same form): 57th DAC Work-In-Progress Session, 2020

Date: received 16 Aug 2020

Contact author: anupamgolder at gatech edu

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Note: This work has been presented as a poster at 57th Design Automation Conference, July 20-24, 2020. ( This is the full paper version of the poster.

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