Paper 2020/979

Mercurial Signatures for Variable-Length Messages

Elizabeth C. Crites and Anna Lysyanskaya


Mercurial signatures are a useful building block for privacy-preserving schemes, such as anonymous credentials, delegatable anonymous credentials, and related applications. They allow a signature $\sigma$ on a message $m$ under a public key $\mathsf{pk}$ to be transformed into a signature $\sigma'$ on an equivalent message $m'$ under an equivalent public key $\mathsf{pk}'$ for an appropriate notion of equivalence. For example, $\mathsf{pk}$ and $\mathsf{pk}'$ may be unlinkable pseudonyms of the same user, and $m$ and $m'$ may be unlinkable pseudonyms of a user to whom some capability is delegated. The only previously known construction of mercurial signatures suffers a severe limitation: in order to sign messages of length $n$, the signer's public key must also be of length $n$. In this paper, we eliminate this restriction and provide a signing protocol that admits messages of any length. This significantly improves the applicability of mercurial signatures to chains of anonymous credentials.

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elizabeth_crites @ alumni brown edu
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