Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/773

An Instruction Set Extension to Support Software-Based Masking

Johann Großschädl and Ben Marshall and Dan Page and Thinh Pham and Francesco Regazzoni

Abstract: In both hardware and software, masking can represent an effective means of hardening an implementation against side-channel attacks such as Differential Power Analysis (DPA). Focusing on software, however, the use of masking can present various challenges: specifically, it often 1) requires significant effort to translate any theoretical security properties into practice, and, even then, 2) imposes a significant overhead in terms of efficiency. To address both challenges, this paper explores use of an Instruction Set Extension (ISE) as a means of supporting masking in software-based implementations of symmetric cryptographic algorithms: we design, implement, and evaluate such an ISE using RISC-V as the base architecture.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Symmetric Cryptosystems, Differential Power Analysis, Masking, Instruction Set Extension, RISC-V Architecture

Date: received 23 Jun 2020

Contact author: johann groszschaedl at uni lu

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