Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/746

Comparison of RISC-V and transport triggered architectures for a post-quantum cryptography application

Latif AKÇAY and Berna ÖRS

Abstract: Cryptography is one of the basic phenomena of security systems. However, some of the widely used public key cryptography algorithms can be broken by using quantum computers. Therefore, many post-quantum cryptography algorithms are proposed in recent years to handle this issue. NTRU is one of the most important of these quantum-safe algorithms. Besides the importance of cryptography algorithms, the architecture where they are implemented is also essential. In this study, we developed an NTRU public key cryptosystem application and designed several processors to compare them in many aspects. We address two di erent architectures in this work. The RISC-V is chosen as it is the most lately version of classical RISC architecture. As competitor to this, we preferred transport triggered architecture (TTA) which o ers high level customization and scalability. Details of all di erent implementations and the test results obtained with them are shared and discussed.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Lattice-based cryptography, secure communication, application speci c processor design, open source

Date: received 18 Jun 2020

Contact author: akcayl at itu edu tr

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