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A Level Dependent Authentication for IoT Paradigm

Chintan Patel and Nishant Doshi

Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) based services are getting a widespread expansion in all the directions and dimensions of the 21st century. The IoT based deployment involves an internet-connected sensor, mobiles, laptops, and other networking and computing de- vices. In most IoT based applications, the sensor collects the data and communicates it to the end-user via gateway device or fog device over a precarious internet channel. The attacker can use this open channel to capture the sensing device or the gateway device to collect the IoT data or control the IoT system. For a long time, numerous researchers are working towards designing the authentication mechanism for the sen- sor network to achieve reliable and computationally feasible security. For the resource constraint environment of the IoT, it is essential to design reliable, ecient, and secure authentication protocol. In this paper, we propose a novel approach of authentication in the IoT paradigm called a Level-Dependent Authentication(LDA). In the LDA protocol, we propose a security reliable and resource ecient key sharing mechanism in which users at level li can communicate with the sensor at level lj if and only if the level of user in the organizational hierarchy is lower or equal to the level of sensor deployment. We pro- vide a security analysis for the proposed LDA protocol using random oracle based games & widely accepted AVISPA tools. We prove mutual authentication for the proposed protocol using BAN logic. In this paper, we also discuss a comparative analysis of the proposed protocol with other existing IoT authentication systems based on communica- tion cost, computation cost, and security index. We provide an implementation for the proposed protocol using a globally adopted IoT protocol called MQTT protocol. Finally, we present the collected data related to the networking parameters like throughput and round trip delay.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / IoT, Level Dependent Authentication, Key agreement, RoR, AVISPA, BAN Logic

Date: received 8 Jun 2020

Contact author: chintan p592 at gmail com

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