Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/629

Dual-Mode NIZKs: Possibility and Impossibility Results for Property Transfer

Vivek Arte and Mihir Bellare

Abstract: This paper formulates, and studies, the problem of property transference in dual-mode NIZKs. We say that a property P (such as soundness, ZK or WI) transfers, if, one of the modes having P allows us to prove that the other mode has the computational analogue of P, as a consequence of nothing but the indistinguishability of the CRSs in the two modes. Our most interesting finding is negative; we show by counter-example that the form of soundness that seems most important for applications fails to transfer. On the positive side, we develop a general framework that allows us to show that zero knowledge, witness indistinguishability, extractability and weaker forms of soundness do transfer. Our treatment covers conventional, designated-verifi er and designated-prover NIZKs (single and dual-mode) in a uni fied way.

Category / Keywords: non-interactive zero knowledge, dual-mode proof systems

Date: received 27 May 2020

Contact author: varte at ucsd edu,mihir@eng ucsd edu

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