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Component-Based Comparison of Privacy-First Exposure Notification Protocols

Ellie Daw

Abstract: Various privacy-preserving protocols for exposure notification have been developed across the globe in order to aid in scaling contact tracing efforts during the COVID-19 crisis, a strategy proven to be critical in effectively slowing the spread of infectious disease. Although having a multitude of people working toward a similar goal creates momentum and aids in quality refinement, it also causes confusion for entities hoping to adopt one protocol for application development. This paper compares the protocols component-by-component, accumulating in a comprehensive comparison table so that entities are able to take action based on their priorities.

Category / Keywords: applications /

Date: received 18 May 2020

Contact author: elliemdaw at gmail com

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Note: The COVID-19 technology landscape is extremely fast moving and an updated version of the survey is already being drafted. This is meant to provide a technical survey of the components of open-source, privacy-preserving exposure notification protocols.

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