Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/556

Kerckhoffs' Legacy

Jean-Claude Caraco and Rémi Géraud-Stewart and David Naccache

Abstract: Auguste Kerckhoffs' seminal article is ritually mentioned in countless cryptography articles and Ph.D. theses.

In 1998 the first author published a little-known biographic sketch of Kerckhoffs in Esperanto. In 2013 we undertook the project to develop, complete and enrich this little-known notice with new material and publish an extended account of Kerckhoffs' life. This was unfortunately interrupted by the passing away of the first author in 2015.

This article is an attempt to provide the most comprehensive biography of Auguste Kerckhoffs.

Category / Keywords: Kerckhoffs, Biography, Cryptography, Cosmoglottics, Volapük

Date: received 12 May 2020, last revised 19 May 2020

Contact author: david naccache at ens fr

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