Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/495

Disperse rotation operator DRT and use in some stream ciphers

Kim Yong-Jin and Yon Yong-Ho and Jong Yu-Jin and Li Ok-Chol

Abstract: Abstract: Rotation operator is frequently used in several stream ciphers, including HC-128, Rabbit, and Salsa20, the final candidates for eSTREAM. This is because ‘Rotation operator (ROT)’ is simple but has very good dispersibility. In this paper, we propose a ‘disperse rotation operator (DRT)’, which has the same structure as ROT but has better dispersibility. In addition, the use of DRT instead of ROT has shown that the quality of the output stream of all three stream ciphers is significantly improved. On the other hand, the use of DRT instead of ROT in HC-128 stream cipher prevents the expansion of differentiated attacks based on LSB.

Category / Keywords: foundations / Rotation operator, stream cipher, dispersibility

Date: received 27 Apr 2020

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