Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/489

Pandemic Contact Tracing Apps: DP-3T, PEPP-PT NTK, and ROBERT from a Privacy Perspective

Fraunhofer AISEC

Abstract: In this paper, we review different approaches on proximity tracing apps which are supposed to automate the current labor-intensive contact tracing approach conducted by national health officials. The purpose of these apps is to automatically notify people who are at risk of being infected with SARS-CoV-2 to interrupt infection chains as early as possible. However, a privacy-preserving and yet functional and scalable design of such apps is not trivial and in some parts leads to counter-intuitive properties. This paper reviews the most prominent European approaches, DP-3T, the German variant "NTK"' of PEPP-PT, and its closely related concept ROBERT. We discuss their design decisions from a privacy perspective and point out the fundamentally different adversary models assumed by the approaches. In addition, we touch on practical aspects such as scalability and ease of implementation.

Category / Keywords: applications / privacy,proximity tracing

Date: received 27 Apr 2020, last revised 8 May 2020

Contact author: julian schuette at aisec fraunhofer de

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