Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/332

Implementation Study of Two Verifiable Delay Functions

Vidal Attias and Luigi Vigneri and Vassil Dimitrov

Abstract: Proof of Work is a prevalent mechanism to prove investmentof time in blockchain projects. However the use of massive parallelismand specialized hardware gives an unfair advantage to a small portion ofnodes and raises environmental and economical concerns. In this paperwe provide an implementation study of two Verifiable Delay Functions, anew cryptographic primitive achieving Proof of Work goals in an unpar-allelizable way. We provide simulation results and an optimization basedon a multiexponentiation algorithm.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Verifiable Delay Function, Simulation, RSA

Original Publication (in the same form): Tokenomics 2020

Date: received 17 Mar 2020, last revised 2 Jun 2020

Contact author: vidal attias at gmail com

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