Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/310

Wavelet Scattering Transform and Ensemble Methods for Side-Channel Analysis

Gabriel Destouet and CÚcile Dumas and Anne Frassati and ValÚrie Perrier

Abstract: Recent works in side-channel analysis have been fully relying on training classification models to recover sensitive information from traces. However, the knowledge of an attacker or an evaluator is not taken into account and poorly captured by solely training a classifier on signals. This paper proposes to inject prior information in preprocessing and classification in order to increase the performance of side-channel attacks (SCA). First we propose to use the Wavelet Scattering Transform, recently proposed by Mallat, for mapping traces into a time-frequency space which is stable under small translation and diffeomorphism. That way, we address the issues of desynchronization and deformation generally present in signals for SCA. The second part of our paper extends the canonical attacks over byte and Hamming weight by introducing a more general attack. Classifiers are trained on different labelings of the sensitive variable and combined by minimizing a cross-entropy criterion so as to find the best labeling strategy. With these two key ideas, we successfully increase the performance of Template Attacks on artificially desynchronized traces and signals from a jitter-protected implementation.

Category / Keywords: Side-Channel Analysis, Time-Frequency, Wavelet Scattering Transform, Machine Learning, Ensemble Methods, Wavelet transform, Template Attack, Spectrogram

Original Publication (with minor differences): COSADE2020

Date: received 12 Mar 2020

Contact author: gabriel destouet at protonmail com

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