Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/227

About the Tu-Deng Conjecture for $\w(t)$ Less Than or Equal to 10

Yindong Chen, Limin Lin, Chuliang Wei

Abstract: Let $k \ge 2$ be an integer, define $$ S_t^k:=\Bigg\{(a,b)\in \mathbb{Z}^2\ \Big| \ { 0 \le a,b \le 2^{k}-2,\ a+b\equiv t ~(\text{mod} \ 2^k-1),\ \w(a)+\w(b)\le{k-1}}\Bigg\},$$ where $t \in \mathbb{Z}, 1 \le t \le 2^k-2$. This paper gives the upper bound of cardinality of $S_t^k$ when $\w(t)\le 10$, proving that a conjecture proposed by Tu and Deng in the case.

Category / Keywords: foundations / Tu-Deng Conjecture, algebraic immunity, Boolean function, Hamming weight

Date: received 20 Feb 2020

Contact author: ydchen at stu edu cn

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