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Paper 2020/184

Fair and Decentralized Exchange of Digital Goods

Ariel Futoransky, Carlos Sarraute, Daniel Fernandez, Matias Travizano, and Ariel Waissbein


We construct a privacy-preserving, distributed and decentralized marketplace where parties can exchange data for tokens. In this market, buyers and sellers make transactions in a blockchain and interact with a third party, called notary, who has the ability to vouch for the authenticity and integrity of the data. We introduce a protocol for the data-token exchange where neither party gains more information than what it is paying for, and the exchange is fair: either both parties gets the other's item or neither does. No third party involvement is required after setup, and no dispute resolution is needed.

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Cryptographic protocols
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Preprint. MINOR revision.
blockchainsmart contractsdecentralized marketplacefair exchange
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csarraute @ gmail com
2020-02-18: received
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